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Just finished the book! A fantastic read. I have never read a memoir where the author is so modest!  When DuPont announced it was merging with Dow, John provided clear direction about how the state had to respond. John should have taken credit for the thousands of jobs Delaware retained.  Just goes to show what kind of guy he is.  A great one -- and so is this book!"

-Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware 2009 - 2017.


I highly recommend John Riley’s new book, “DELAWARE Eyewitness.” He is an excellent storyteller & his story is an amazing, engaging & VERY-Delaware one - well told. Tons of familiar names, places & events of all kinds. Lots of fascinating insider info from Delaware’s big golf tourneys to the demise of Hercules. I agree with Mayor Mike Purzycki’s endorsement on the cover. Definitely a Delaware book not to be missed. 

-Robin Brown, Newark, DE


Absolutely enchanted by this book, Delaware Eyewitness – haven’t put it down – what an extraordinary experience! I love the way it starts each chapter with a very clever and effective quote that sets the tone for what you are about to read. 

-Greg Fleming, Wilmington


John, I started reading when I arrived home from the book party. Couldn't put it down. So many memories! I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. When is the next one??

-Kathie Kask, Wilmington, DE


John, I have just finished reading your book and have to tell you how much I enjoyed it, not only that but Ingrid who has few if any Delaware connections thoroughly enjoyed it too. I was obviously intrigued by the Hercules portion especially up until 2008 and although everyone will have different views of what transpired, I think you did an excellent job. Very impressive indeed. 

-Stuart Shears, Unionville, PA


Been reading your book since last night, can’t put it down. Seems to relate to my father’s stories growing up in Brooklyn, the Vietnam war, economic situation, a hard father and a loving mother taking care of a larger family. Very well written and easy read. 

-Chris Faila, Washington DC 


I have been reading one chapter of your book after dinner as a kind of dessert.  Unfortunately, I finished it last night.  Now I will have to go back to no sugar added ice cream.  The book was spectacular!  Great job!  

-Jim Burke, Wilmington, DE


Book is fantastic. I am just through Chapter 34.  A number of touch points for me with the golf, war, Xerox, Japan and DuPont/MBNA. The book even connected me to a friend from my childhood in Virginia, David Hausrath. You are a great writer! 

-Tom Humphrey, Chadds Ford, PA


John, I just finished your book. Wow! Thanks for writing it and telling your amazing history. 

-Scott Malfitano, Wilmington, DE


Just back from a Danube cruise where I was reading your book – what a great read! We have so many connections – truly shows how small Delaware really is! 

-Andy Stayton, Rehoboth Beach, DE


Your book is So Great !!!  For you to remember all the names and places is Incredible! 

-Howdy Giles, Wilmington, DE


Wonderfully written and factual story by Wilmington and Salesianum’s own John Riley. Done with humor and a self-effacing style, this book is a must read for all Delawareans. 

-Jay Brady, Wilmington, DE


I met up with John Riley while he was working on his new book. He wanted to know more about the time I spent as a Marine in Vietnam. We had worked together at Xerox decades ago, but the war was a subject that was rarely discussed. Vietnam and the impact it had on our generation was a thread he had decided to follow throughout the book. I have just read the final product and I highly recommend it. John’s writing style is informative, interesting and engaging. It made me laugh and it made me sad, but most of all it made me proud to know this man. 

-Jimmy Dolan, Wilmington


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